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Health & Safety Consultancy in East Sussex

Whether you need regular, ad-hoc or temporary Health & Safety support we can provide you with a cost effective service to help you manage Safety within your workplace without the unnecessary expense of employing somebody full time.

With health & safety legislation being so vast with all the different regulations and acts, it's sometimes hard to keep up and comply with the law... which is where we come in.

Let us:
  • Create a healthy and safe working environment
  • Ensure you are complying with legislation
  • Produce health and safety policies and documents
  • Carry out Audits and Inspections
  • Carry out Risk Assessments
  • Provide Safety Training

Our health & safety advisors are fully qualified with the Nebosh certificate in occupational health & safety.

Are your staff becoming complacent?
Safety training for your staff is very good if they are becoming complacent in their health and safety duties and procedures.

Having an outsider come in to your workplace and explain the reasons behind Health & Safety policy will make your staff think twice before questioning the reason that their daily duties need to be done in a certain way, or the reason they need to wear PPE. We can also hammer-home the consequences if they don't.

We can adapt courses to suit your needs and with training you can develop a good Health & Safety culture within your workplace and amongst your employees.  

Health & Safety Consultancy